LaMorte Sisters’ Vampire Orphanage

lamorte_promo_3Creators Tony Trov and Johnny Zito are best known for their epic, zombie comic; The Black Cherry Bombshells.   They’ve returned to Zuda with their latest offering about vampires.

I know what you’re thinking; not another vampire comic!  But this title has just enough mystery as suggested by the title to intrigue, as it follows Maddie, a new student at LaMorte Home for Lost Girls. The orphanage is run by a strict order of Catholic Nuns. They offer sanctuary and salvation to young women afflicted with vampirism.  We can only hope that this doesn’t mean we’ll be in for angst by the barrow load.

lamorte_promo_1If that fails to grab you then Christine Larsen’s excellent art will be enough to suck you in.  Each panel broods with menace and atmosphere.  To quote Tony Trov from the press release, “Christine is amazing.  She draws the creepiest vampires and the cutest, black cats.  There’s a cinematic flow to her story telling that captures you.”

The title went live on the 13th of October and it was a pleasant birthday treat for me.  There’s not a great deal of material as yet but what I have seen has been impressive.  This is a title I will watch with interest and I sincerely hope that Trov and Zito avoid the cliché and take this opportunity to create something memorable.


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