Up in the sky, is it a bird, is it a plane no its Doc Monster clinging to a UFO!

DocMonsterLobbyCards1[1]_Page_2Doc Monster is David Flora of Ghost Zero fame’s latest offering on Zuda.  In the creators own words ‘it’s 1954.  Communists are everywhere, and UFOs fill the night skies. Our government asks super-scientist DOC MONSTER to help, but can he discover what’s behind the UFOs in time to save the world?’

I have to say my first response was Doc what? The title immediately conjured up images of Doc Savage and rather cheesy pulp overtones.  However, we are instead presented with a rather grim setting with unlikeable anti-heros.    This isn’t even in the same galaxy as Norman Rockwell, so if you expect the eponymous hero to act like his lookalike Clark Kent you’re in for a shock.  From the first Flora presents a character that is strange, unsettling and threatening.  We are, like the Doc’s FBI handler Agent Clay, left feeling creeped out and unsure as whether this guy is really a hero.

Flora has created an interesting and dynamic opening to a series that draws the reader in.  Having the aliens attack at a Drive-in movie is inspired.  In spite of this nod to its B Movie roots,  the art and writing are of a high quality and this is all A list material.

Will Doc Monster triump against the Martian Menace, tune in next time.

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