Witch Knots

Ira Marcks has created a fascinating little town of Saint Forget in Witch Knots.  His mastery of the clear line style is such that he can convey complex emotions with a few strokes.   The three panels are highly addictive as they are never enough as each page adds to the mystery of the town.  The characters are intriguing and each one is well executed.  This is a story in which I find myslef lost and a little confused, something that hasn’t happened to me in a long time.

Ira recently released the first book nad I immediately snapped up a copy.  It is great to have Ira’s wonderful art in your hands.  My only grumble is that he chose to replace his hand written dialogue with a printed font.  He seems to see this as an improvement but I liked the handwritten approach.

This is a story that I avidly follow and I haven’t been this intrigued by a webcomic since Gunnerkig Court started.

  1. If I were reading my book, I would have the same problem with the change from hand-written to font. Often in Indie comics I feel like the juxtaposition of sleek text with hand rendered images just looks wrong.

    Why did I make the change then? Because I also feel that lazy hand-written text disrupts the readability. I feel like I’m still developing the ‘look’ of the text. Down the line it is likely that I will release a print version of Witch Knots with all the text drawn by hand, but for this version I took the easy way out.

    Glad you like the book Dan!

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