Well that didn’t happen!

As you no doubt noticed my feature on Transmisin X didn’t happen.  No excuses; I’ve just been enjoying the holiday.


In the spotlight: Transmission X

dapper_danThroughout this week I will be featuring the work of this Canadian collective.  Kicking off tonight with Aardehn

Bottle of Awesome

DCBofABottle of Awesome is the latest offering by Andy Belanger.  It is different from his work on Raising Hell but has a generous helping of humour.

This isn’t a strip that made me laugh out loud but I did find myself smiling a great deal at the high school hell portrayed by Andy B.  The level of humour is the same as its adolescent protagonists which is wholly in keeping with the tone of the comic.

The art is spectacular, capturing frenetic, goofy action with vibrancy.  The artwork has to be the highpoint of the title so far.  That may be unfair on the writing but with only  eight pages to go on, you’ll forgive me for being conservative.

This is definitely a comic with a lot of promise.

Where the hell have you been?

dapper_danWell I’m back.  The ongoing saga of my life has been intruding as usual.

I would choose to blog about something topical that requires constant updates to be relevant.

Well ‘m back with a more rational publishing policy.  That is I post when I damn well feel like it rather than trying to update on a regular basis.

If you like what I write then feel free to pop by, if not then I’m not going to worry.

Rasslin’ Bears

yonkuma01covermockup Yon Kuma is the cracking new title by Josh Hechinger and Jorge F. Muñoz.  It stars the unlikely hero Paul Bunyanson a twelve year old bear wrestler in his battle against four of the toughest beasts around.

This is an amazingly dynamic comic that doesn’t take it self seriously at all.  Muñoz captures the speed and ferocity of the wrestling effortlessly. This is paired with Hechinger‘s surreal writing to great effect.  The Bear’s matter of fact attitude and accent crack me up.  This is a funny book I’ll be keeping an eye on.

Countdown To Final Deadline

I’ve been working my way through a massive stack of comics at the minute.  It is essentially a huge back log of reading that I’m finally getting to grips with.

countdown vol 1 I’ve just finished the first two volumes of DC’s Countdown to Final Crisis.  This mammoth epic calls on a huge range of DC’s top talent with Paul Dini at the helm.  It is a cracking good read that is intriguing and exciting.  I’m not usually a fan of big crossovers as I tend to cynically see them as a marketing ploy.  However I enjoyed seeing the links between Will Pfeifer’s Catwoman dies and Superman 3-2-1 Action.


321 action Which neatly leads me to Busiek and Evanier’s Superman collection.  I quite like the aforementioned story even though they are more Jimmy Olsen stories.  Though it is good to see the limelight cast on the supporting cast for a change so that they can demonstrate their own courage and heroism.  It puts me in my of the Buffy the Vampire slayer episode the Zeppo which concentrated on Xander rather than the invulnerable hero.  In the same way it is good to focus on Olsen and his developing relationship with superman and his attempts to come to grips with his strange new powers.

redemption Redemption on the other hand deals with the theme of faith.  It is quite mature examination of faith and its impact on society ranging as it does from Superman’s ability to inspire us to be better to a meta-human powered by faith acting sense of false righteousness and fanaticism.

Of the two collections Redemption edges it for me with its more sophisticated storytelling.  3-2-1 Action is just a little too pulpy for my taste.

Speaking of grownup storylines Catwoman dies has to be one of the most moving and effective I’ve read in a while.  Selina Kyle has to make a particularly harsh choice after seeing her daughter’s life consistently threatened.  Pfeifer and Lopez  have created a heartrending masterpiece and it is a great read for any comic fan.

Catwoman: Catwoman Dies by Will Pfeifer (Author), David Lopez (Author), Alvaro Lopez (Author)

Superman: Redemption by Kurt Busiek (Author), Fabian Nicieza (Author), Walter Simonson (Illustrator)

Superman: 3-2-1 Action by Kurt Busiek (Author), Mark Evanier (Author), Steve Rude (Illustrator)

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Credit where it’s due.

dapper_dan A problem that I often face as a reviewer is making sure I’ve got the right artist/writer credentials.  You’d be amazed at how poorly creators credit their own work.  With some artists I have to literally engaging in a bit of detective work and reseach just to give them credit for their work.  If the creators names are there there is often no mention of who is responsible for what.  This strikes me as bizarre.  Yes your art speaks for itself but it is nice to have a little recognition for all your work.  So here’s a plea to all you creative types please give yourself a clear and prominent byline.  Then I can give you the Kudos you deserve.