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Political satire or not?

There seems to be a dearth of material on the net, which deals with U.K. or international politics that isn’t within the realms of newspapers. However, as always having a monkey in the Whitehouse seems to spur the Americans into action. Two strips have come to my attention, I Drew This by D.C. Simpson and Fascist America by Ryan Brown.

First off I Drew This. This strip on American current affairs offers incisive insight into the current state of American government and policy with a wry sense of humour. Perhaps more important are the insights offered into the state of political dialogue in the U.S. or is it that a lack of dialogue. The humour is well considered, intelligent and when the artist poses a cheap shot he at least acknowledges it. The artwork is well executed and up to the standard you would expect from any political satirist worth there salt. I think this is key as Simpson is a satirist, his humour stems from the worst excesses of his targets own actions.  As a cartoonist he also seems to have a view of the bigger picture, being able to poke fun at Liberals or Democrats as well as Bush Bandits.

Fascist America on the other hand resorts all too often to cheap gags and parody. In tone it is more of an incoherent rant and in that is reminiscent of a teenager taking a pop at there hate figures in an all too personal way. Which is a shame as the first couple of strips showed real promise and some intelligent observation. Brown is not lacking in talent as an artist either as he has a photo-realisitic style. I feel that his writing would benefit from maintaining a more balanced approach. Considering the antics of the Bush administration there is plenty of material on tap. Lets be frank Bush doesn’t need any help here, he’s already a self parody. With that in mind, less spleen and more insight please.

Both strips are amusing, so I leave it to you to decide between sharp insight or cheap puns and in a truly democratic fashion decide who is a worthy President of Parody.


The Perry Bible Fellowship

pbfcomics.jpgI’ve been checking out the The Perry Bible Fellowship just lately. It’s simple straight forward comic strip fun. The humour is often adult and dark in tone but is definitely worth a laugh. Nicholas Gurewitch uses an array of different styles with humour and precision to convey his own brand of twisted surreal fun. As long as your not easily offended there is bound to be something which amuses you. My own favourites are the strips starring naff transformer Refridgeton and cover blown which raised a smile. Check it out if you’ve a warped surreal sense of humour but be warned it’s not politically correct.

Daily dose of Bonnet

littlepig3.gifI can’t believe that I haven’t reviewed Francis Bonnet‘s work before as I’ve been a great fan of Suburban Fairytales for some time. It was a shame when it ended back in September. I had become quite attached to the misadventures of Pinocchio and the Frog Prince. I generally can’t stand daily strips but Bonnet manages to be genuinely funny in three panels. All of his characters have their own charm and the idea of Humpty Dumpty being an extreme skater is brilliant. Bonnet’s style is simple and yet manages to convey emotion and comic takes to perfection. Bonnet’s site has full archives of Suburban Fairytales, Crunchy his earlier strip and his current daily Made to Malfuntion. Crunchy had some amusing characters but the title character was just plain annoying. Made to Malfunction builds on the success of Suburban Fairytales with Mortimer the hapless inventor but sadly Error the robot seems to be revisiting Crunchy’s annoying wise guy antics. You should definitely check out the ‘Fairytales’ archive and I’ll be keeping tabs on ‘Malfunction’ to see how it pans out.