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Where the hell have you been?

dapper_danWell I’m back.  The ongoing saga of my life has been intruding as usual.

I would choose to blog about something topical that requires constant updates to be relevant.

Well ‘m back with a more rational publishing policy.  That is I post when I damn well feel like it rather than trying to update on a regular basis.

If you like what I write then feel free to pop by, if not then I’m not going to worry.


Happy Birthday to me!

I’m 32 and I still read comics!  My mum must be so proud.  Well hopefully I’ll avoid socks and sensible grown up presents and someone will get me a comic.  If you see me about feel free to buy me a beer.

Food for thought

dan2.jpgThis wonderful post on webomatica has inspired me to keep going with the blog, in spite of huge work and family commitments. That and the fact I have had a few nice comments 🙂
But seriously this post is a must read for anyone who has a blog and is thinking of calling it quits.

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Man I hate plagiarism

dan2.jpgSorry for not posting but man have I been busy.  Most of my time is taken up by my son and if I’m not with him I’m working.  What little time I’ve got left I like to spend with my wife.  Therefore blogging tends to get squeezed out. 

Anyhow back to my rant.  I’ve just been moderating coursework and discovered six plagiarised essays.  Nearly all of these lazy ignorami had snaffled stuff from the BBC and Wikipedia.  They hadn’t taken in to account that A) I will check on Google any phrases that are suspiciously good and B) that I contributed to the Wiki article they ripped off.  Grrr! I hate cheats.

I’m back no thanks to fast4net

dan2.jpgMy ironically monikered ISP strikes again. Thanks to their wonderful service I’ve been without a connection for a week. Needless to say I’m on to pastures new.

Houston we have a writer.

dan2.jpgAt last we’ve had a response for our appeal for contributors (I’m using the royal we hear 🙂 ). If anyone else would like to contribute to the blog let me know.

Well it’s a post.

dan2.jpgA post at last.  To be honest I’m not happy with the quality of my writing at the moment but I’m having to squeeze this in alongside work and parenting.  All I can say is go and check out Gunnerkrig Court for yourselves because my pathetic writing doesn’t do it any justice.  😦