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I’m on a wombat roll

DiggerI’ve been catching up with Digger by Ursula Vernon. Now for those of you that are familiar with this great comic you’ve heard it all before but what the hell I’m going to gush enthusiastically at embarrassing length or not as everyone keeps saying I write little reviews. Not that I’m bothered but I was trying to keep to the point.
Digger has just about everything I like in a comic. Great art, well developed characters and an intriguing plot line.
The grumpy wombat heroine, with a humour dry as shale, is a breath of fresh air in a genre dominated by pointy eared, Legolas clones. More importantly Digger is somewhat reluctant when it comes to adventures as fierce as she is when it comes to a fight she certainly doesn’t go looking for them.
Level headedness and dry humour is a much undervalued quality in a protagonist but the wombat has it in spades.
In fact all of the character s are well developed and interesting. The talking statue of Ganesh, Ed, the rather young Hag and the Shadow child are all part of a well rounded supporting cast.
The writing is superb with really engaging dialogue and a story that pulls you along even in the quieter moments, where Vernon explores the quirkier features of the world she’s created.
Speaking of which, I really love Vernon’s footnotes which are just as random and funny as you’d like, think Terry Pratchett but actually consistently funny. Even the geology stuff is funny, who’d have thought you could make rocks amusing.
Couple that with great art work and you’ve got a winning title. Vernon’s style is expressive and detailed. She is able to adapt her technique to meet the needs of the narrative and one of my favourite parts of the comic is a creation myth told via one of the characters cave paintings.
This has quickly become a favourite of mine. If you not heard of it go check it out and if you’re already a fan just “remember tunnel 17”


Dungeons and Discourse; Dresden does it again

dc_banner5.jpgGreat new comic on Dresden Kodak. D&D meets psychology and philosophy. This one is great, a perfect slice of weird tangental thinking at its best. The scary thing is that Techno-Utopianism does sound like some kind of cool power for an RPG character and with her +8 resistance to Eurocentrism Kimiko could join the Conservative Party 🙂 There’s certainly a discussion thread to be had here on what powers and weaknesses different characters would have (Hegel could bore everyone into a stupor with his boring lectures but he would be forced to stop and write endless lists on anything new he came across 🙂 or Descartes could unleash a demon that causes the target to doubt the existence of the self). I love this comic and its great to see further hypnagogic fantasies back on the web. If only all Evangelists were so easily vanquished.

Villainous musings.

theks.jpgAntagonist is a hugely self referential comic that examines the nature of the villain. This knowing text comments with some insight upon the nature of comic book heroes and villains. It mercilessly mocks the plucky heroine archetype and is just as acerbic in its depiction of the villain. It opens by commenting upon the opening credits pointing out all the obvious plot points that the eager fan would have already worked out for themselves. I’m expecting plenty of meta-textual references like this from this web-comic. Now that kind of thing can be annoying or brilliant really depending on your tastes. So if things like Buffy that knowingly refer to genre or character convention gets up your nose then you should probably gives this a miss.

K the antagonist in question is in some ways your typical witty villain, except he has a penchant for self reference and analysis. He is in that regard a sympathetic character and enables the artist to tell us his story with some pathos.

The story is essentially a backdrop for this character analysis, so don’t expect a grand sweeping story arc. What you will see is a fairly straight forward comic canvas. There is a lot of potential for humour here with hackneyed villainous plots (I site Pinky and the Brain and Austin Powers as evidence). The high light for me so far has to be the karaoke invitation to the ‘Failed-Villains Association and the comic is well worth checking out for this alone.

The artwork is competent throughout with a manga influence but without being cutesy. Detailed black and white drawings add to the overall atmosphere of gloom emanating from the protagonist. I particularly like the artists depiction of energy blasts using swirls of black ink. The chaos of this drawing is a great contrast to the precision of the rest of the art.

I’d suggest we all give failed villains another chance and check this out.

Watch out for squirrels

rocket-builder.gifI am a rocket builder has a great new update in the politics of flight section. This has to be my favourite part of the comic and its great to finally see what the squirrels have been planning.

The Perry Bible Fellowship

pbfcomics.jpgI’ve been checking out the The Perry Bible Fellowship just lately. It’s simple straight forward comic strip fun. The humour is often adult and dark in tone but is definitely worth a laugh. Nicholas Gurewitch uses an array of different styles with humour and precision to convey his own brand of twisted surreal fun. As long as your not easily offended there is bound to be something which amuses you. My own favourites are the strips starring naff transformer Refridgeton and cover blown which raised a smile. Check it out if you’ve a warped surreal sense of humour but be warned it’s not politically correct.

Daily dose of Bonnet

littlepig3.gifI can’t believe that I haven’t reviewed Francis Bonnet‘s work before as I’ve been a great fan of Suburban Fairytales for some time. It was a shame when it ended back in September. I had become quite attached to the misadventures of Pinocchio and the Frog Prince. I generally can’t stand daily strips but Bonnet manages to be genuinely funny in three panels. All of his characters have their own charm and the idea of Humpty Dumpty being an extreme skater is brilliant. Bonnet’s style is simple and yet manages to convey emotion and comic takes to perfection. Bonnet’s site has full archives of Suburban Fairytales, Crunchy his earlier strip and his current daily Made to Malfuntion. Crunchy had some amusing characters but the title character was just plain annoying. Made to Malfunction builds on the success of Suburban Fairytales with Mortimer the hapless inventor but sadly Error the robot seems to be revisiting Crunchy’s annoying wise guy antics. You should definitely check out the ‘Fairytales’ archive and I’ll be keeping tabs on ‘Malfunction’ to see how it pans out.

Zombie Hunter Hiatus

header.jpgThe Zombie Hunters is on yet another hiatus in spite of some intervening guest strips. The strip is gone but not for good. All the fans that have contributed to the sight should breathe a sigh of relief as the strip will make a comeback. I’ll keep you posted and will blow a fanfare with gusto on its return, as this was a strip with cracking artwork, good humour and most importantly Zombie apocalypse.