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Pug Davis

Pug DavisRebecca Sugar’s Pug Davis is a great riff on classic American pulp Space opera. The eponymous hero is one of the most memorable and striking I’ve come across in some time. Add in to the mix The Blouse, Pug’s camp sidekick and you have one of comic’s great odd couples. The interplay between the characters is great and their developing friendship is fun to watch as it spasmodically comes to life.

The true star of the title is Sugar’s artwork. Each page has a fluid elegance and an organic quality which creates a real sense of movement. I love the strangeness of the characters both human and alien. The vengeful shape-changing villain in Issue 2 ‘Pug v’s Blouse‘ has got to be one of my favourites so far.

The art work is accompanied by some great writing and this is most prominent in the dialogue, which seems to flow effortlessly. Another stand out moment for me is in issue 1, when The Blouse overhears the customers in the diner exchanging stories about Pug’s achievements.

I love this comic and its a pleasure to read a title that has artwork to match its writing credentials. Good stuff.