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I like my Noir Black, no sugar

spqrblues_olc_logo.pngJust finished catching up with SPQR Blues. Klio has a great story arc going at the minute and Calatoria Themis has easily taken up were Domitian left off in the villain stakes (Boo, Hiss). One thing does bother me though and thats the occasional forays into colour. Klio has a wonderful, clean style that is well suited to black and white. This is also one of the things that sets the comic apart from the bland photoshopped fare available on the web. In spite of this every now and again we are treated to a 50’s style technicolour rendition of Roman life. I appreciate the hard work that has gone into this I just like the original style better.

Man I hate plagiarism

dan2.jpgSorry for not posting but man have I been busy.  Most of my time is taken up by my son and if I’m not with him I’m working.  What little time I’ve got left I like to spend with my wife.  Therefore blogging tends to get squeezed out. 

Anyhow back to my rant.  I’ve just been moderating coursework and discovered six plagiarised essays.  Nearly all of these lazy ignorami had snaffled stuff from the BBC and Wikipedia.  They hadn’t taken in to account that A) I will check on Google any phrases that are suspiciously good and B) that I contributed to the Wiki article they ripped off.  Grrr! I hate cheats.

I’m back no thanks to fast4net

dan2.jpgMy ironically monikered ISP strikes again. Thanks to their wonderful service I’ve been without a connection for a week. Needless to say I’m on to pastures new.