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The strange world of Rice Boy

rice boyI’ve been completely blown away by rice boy by Evan Dahm. This has to be one of the most interesting and touching comics I’ve read in a while. it reminds me of Bone in solely in the sense of its creativity and originality. The distinctive visual design is seemingly simple but this belies a technical complexity and attention to detail that is applied with an understated and elegant touch.
The first thing that draws you into this title are the characters that are immediately compelling and have a depth to them which is communicated swiftly but without losing any of their mystery. The-One- Electronic is a particular favourite with flashes of black and white cinema stars flickering across his mirrored visage to serve as his expressions. But all of these characters command the page with there presence from the simple minded Gerund to the sinister assassin Golgo. They all have their own unique visual signature and quirks of character that make them compelling.
As if this wasn’t enough the world that Dahm created is fascinating and offbeat. The xenophobic frog theocracy of Spatch I should be ludicrous but instead it makes perfect sense. This is a fantasy world that creates a sense of wonder and excitement that I haven’t really felt since I was a child.

From the moment his and Cal’s enigmatic quest to choose a candidate to fulfil a prophecy was hinted at I was completely hooked. This is all before the eponymous hero has even graced a single panel.

This is a story that has interesting layers and depth that deserves greater investigation but it it is our hero rice boy that is the true heart of this peace and his childlike innocence touches the reader as does his suffering. I would challenge the most hard-bitten of you to read this and not worry about Rice Boy as he is lost in lonely land.

This is one of the most elegant and touching titles I’ve had the privilege to read and I’d urge everyone to read it as it is truly a hidden gem.

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Where’s the beans and chianti?

DiggerI’m currently loving Digger. Especially the latest scrape our wombat heroine has gotten herself into. It sucks to be a herbivore at an endo-cannibalistic ho-down. I’m not normally a big fan of anthropomorphic animals apart from Wile E. Coyote but Vernon’s Hyena tribe is really interesting and it works as a culture.

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First among the Fallen

lucifer.jpgI’ve just finished reading the whole of the Lucifer story arc and I have to say I’m mightily pleased. I found the character fascinating when he first cropped up in Sandman. Interestingly Lucifer shares a number of qualities with Sandman. The one similarity I like the most is the intriguing supporting characters. And what a range of characters they are from the Lilim to Fenris each character is well rounded and believable. My particular favourite has to be Briadach the Blind (but then I’ve got a soft spot for all the Lilim and their assorted oddities). Mike Carey has done a superb job on this title ably supported by the artistic talents of Peter Gross and Ryan Kelly (not to give short shrift to the other artists, I just like what Kelly and Gross have done with the comic). This has ben a great story arc and I have to say it didn’t end as I would have expected all those issues ago when Amenadiel walked into Lux and got up Lucifer’s nose. This series is well worth the investment and if you haven’t been following it you can now read it in full without the agonising wait between issues that I have had to go through.

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Kennedy madness

logo.jpgAntique White-house by Dian Kennedy is a bizarre alternate universe that has Kennedy as the polygamous king of the United Territories of America. It turns Kennedy’s Camelot into a more Arthurian vein. This title really stretches alternate history like a rubber band. Kennedy’s latest adventure see’s himgetting into scrapes with semi-naked moon natives. One thing remains consistent with the real world Kennedy, he likes the ladies and each story arc sees him bedding a new one. I don’t know where he finds the energy with his four wives and two husbands. The comic is amazingly self consistent and it is a fascinating vision of a different world. I can’t say that I’m converted but some of you may find its blend of fairytale and and history fascinating.

Food for thought

dan2.jpgThis wonderful post on webomatica has inspired me to keep going with the blog, in spite of huge work and family commitments. That and the fact I have had a few nice comments đŸ™‚
But seriously this post is a must read for anyone who has a blog and is thinking of calling it quits.

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