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Theme Chaos

dan2.jpgSomebody … not mentioning any names had access to my computer the other day and decided to try out new themes. Needless to say my internet connection decided to go down just after they’d chosen a theme. We appear to be back but the second sidebar isn’t working … oh well.

Marsh Rocket Updates

large_03.jpgMarsh Rocket has come to the end of Act 2 and the cover for Act 3 looks pretty cool. Act 2 came to a close with a great cliffhanger and inspite of the titles humour it really brought home the all too fatal consequences of failure. Some cracking storytelling here combined with excellent art. This comic has a great visual style and makes an excellent use of colour in unusual ways. Check it out.

Baby’s Late

dan2.jpgWell the baby is now four days late so I’m carrying on with the writing for a while. Though I’m sure some artists/writers won’t be happy about that, especially if I’ve given your comic a hatchet job.

Reckless Life

1063271709_m.jpgAn action packed crime comic from the pen of Tim Demeter, Reckless life follows the misadventures of Locke. This is quite a long runing webcomic which is also available in print.
The comic is rapidly paced and the sparse dialogue tends towards witty banter (not always as witty as you’d think). Demeter’s protagonist is attractive in that his motivations are perfectly human and he doesn’t always pull off his stunts and tricks flawlessly.
The writing is good but somewhat formulaic but this is an accusation that can be leveled at many titles. On saying that the christmas issue certainly broke the mould.
Visually the comic is arresting but it is here that the comic falls down. I’m surprised Matt Wagner’s Lawyers haven’t been on the phone yet. The black and white pallete is interspersed with red and gives the comic a more than passing resemblance to Grendel Tales. In fact the dynamic frame layout of the action also shares a similar source of inspiration. Artistically this comic is a bit of a Monet, in that it looks best at a distance. When Demeter goes in for a close up the characters look a little awkward in the earlier chapters but the latest chapters (Locke saves Christmas and Charity begins in hell) are vastly improved with a good sense of proportion throughout. The cityscape’s and frames of action are stark and dynamic. In fact this use of silhouette is masterful as evidenced by the superb cover designs.

There’s a lot to be said for this comic but I just couldn’t get past the stylistc resemblance to Grendel Tales.

A quick word

dan2.jpgStill no baby so a quick word while I can. Johnny Saturn has just reached a great end of chapter finale and not as expected an end to this Kitsch character. If Superman can do it why not Johnny. I’m also loving Space Rabbit at the moment. Jess Mcloud monacled rodent astronaut is sooo cute and now he has a friend. 🙂 Don’t let the cuteness fool you there is lot of pathos here in the robot’s (pronounced rabbit) story. Anyhow I’m off to work with no sign of the baby, maybe it’s too cold.

Hiatus ahoy

dan2.jpgThis may be my last post for a while as our baby is due on Tuesday. Right now we’re on tenterhooks as birth is imminent. 😮 I’ll post when I can but I’m not sure when that will be.

Shades of the past


Shades by David Berner and Harso Mohan Chattoraj is an intriguing little title. What happens to heroes when their nation no longer needs them. This web comic traces Stanley Miller’s urgent quest to warn his old superhero comrades of a masked groups sinister intentions.
This is in an interesting take on the genre with forgotten heroes living off faded glories and an ordinary old man’s devotion to duty.

The art is has a fantastically brooding tone. Stan does have a tendency to gurn but the creators are aware of this enough to poke fun at it in a spoof of their own strip.
The writing captures the same brooding atmosphere as the art and depicts London as the shabby heart of faded empire.
A great strip that I’ll be keeping an eye on.